Face Your Fear of Flying Through Faith

Wing Watcher is a faith based book aimed at people who have a fear of flying. It is a book written to encourage, comfort and inspire the reader to continue to fly despite their discomfort. Included in the book are tools and strategies for dealing with the anxiety.

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Circling Pads

Circling Pads

Circling as a technique was borne out of the author’s inability to feel comfortable in turbulence. Most people can distract themselves with reading a book or listening to music.

Some cannot. For those people, there are Circling Pads.

Together with the book, these Circling Pads provide you with a valuable tool for coping with anxious flying.

$4.99 for 50 sheets, shipping included (US Addresses Only)


About the Author

Janet Walker has struggled with the fear of flying most of her life. She has written Wing Watcher because she wanted to encourage others with God’s Word and not just statistics about the safety of flying. She hopes her readers will be ministered to by her examples, stories and insights.

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